The Terraces



The main thing you begin to realize about The Terraces is.”What you see is what you get”. Authentically, they are what they are. The first time I heard a couple of songs in Gary’s backyard -two voices, one guitar and a table laden with Lager. Straight away I got the picture, they mean what they say and play.

“Pre-Production/Rehearsal:  I walk in, and it’s just like a show, they sound the business and look it. There is a raw energy that is bigger than the individuals. They sound devastating, Loud and tight.Dean grinding out the “Rock”, and Gary “The Geezer”.the Commander sprucing to the world. Even in this environment you can tell that this band is the real deal.

The Songs come directly from Living, the Album is a life’s work from all involved, It is seriously authentic.they mean it and wear their hearts on their sleeves We did a few sessions of pre-production which involved trimming the arrangements and making sure that the tracks sounded just right without any overdubs. This record needed to be what it is. Loud and Proud, straight up, honest. no trickery.

Once again what you see is what you get Seems too easy eh? Well once the recording started, I realized that the authenticity wasn’t something that was separate from reality.

They argue, they fight, they drink. All this goes into the honesty of the music, you don’t get one without the other – warts and all. These songs are about life and life isn’t perfect. That is what makes it so good in a world full of false ideals and mixed messages.It is time for the truth again.

The band did a great job. I am still amazed how it happened like that We got Gary straight up, no headphones in front of the monitors, can be confronting for some, but the Lad soaked it up. He is a magnificent front man, and I think that we captured his personality perfectly.

Interesting guy. Lovely and up one minute, down the next.agreeable, disagreeable.frustrating, but real and brutally honest. He has an uncanny knack to get you to Love and Hate him at the same time. We mixed the songs in 4 days.maybe because we didn’t labour over the record it sounds fresh, and authentic. It hasn’t been Gridded.(no click tracks).it hasn’t been tuned.(no auto-tune).

It is a perfect snapshot of a band in the middle of being themselves.”

(Kalju Tonuma, The Producer)