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Goat Leaf love to play. Set up the stage, rev the mighty atomic engine of their Heavy Groove Machine and let loose like four sonic dogs of rock ‘n’ roll. Their album Colorscene has gained much critical acclaim too, some tasty quotes appear at the bottom of the page for your eyes, dear discernible reader.

But just who or what are Goat Leaf? They are master builders of volume; their songs are carved from stone and born in the dark heart of South Yorkshire, yet speak the universal language of Space, speed, love and murder. Gigs have come thick and fast in the last year including opening for Corrosion of Conformity, travelling all over our green and pleasant land to give the public a hit of the sweet stuff, to share in a moment of their groove laden ecstasy.

Get a taste of the Goat Leaf. It’s pretty intoxicating stuff.

” Huge stoner riffs , glass shattering bottom end and an ability to write catchy tunes. This all sounds too good to be true for our resident desert rock specialist to believe , especially when talking about a band coming from the UK. But damn it if Goat Leaf aren’t about to deliver this and more as we discover on the debut album ‘ Colorscene’. From Uber Rock. UK.

If you like you’re rock n roll we are delighted to refresh your blood with a new blend of strongly 70’s influenced psychedelic stoner rock. Enriched by dashes of blues,funky rhythms and ass kicking hard rock. The British way. Goat Leaf have already established a very original sound that can hardly be compared to anything else. From Nocturnal Hall. Germany.

From the gorgeous, space-age artwork, to a moniker that could have easily been the result of a bong-smoking brainstorm; Goat Leaf couldn’t play anything other than retro-flavoured rock.
The band’s gnarly, riff-heavy sound is built on the foundations of Sabbath. Goat Leaf drifts into the territory of chest-beating, man-sized rock; by way of: Mountain, Zeppelin and occasional smatterings of Fu Manchu.  As their hometown suggests – as well as the ‘Made in England’ stamp on the album’s back cover – Colourscene combines rock’s generational shift, with typical British grit; a combination that works well during the fretboard workout of ‘Monkey Chains & Rat Kings’ as guitarist John Hodgson, demonstrates his ability to write catchy, energising grooves, while Johnny Maycock’s delivery swaggers with sleaze-rock defiance. Due to its lively and infectious persona, you would be forgiven for thinking that Colourscene is the work of greasy-haired twenty-somethings, who spent their college years smoking pot and rearranging their media libraries; as Masters of Reality and Back In Black seeps through their overly loud headphones. The reality is, however, that Goat Leaf first formed in 1996, but split after “730 days”. Now in their prime, Colourscene is a hearty interpretation of timeless hard rock. From Chybucca Sounds.


At first listen one is struck by force and presence of the rhythm section that gives the intensity of the nine songs. No wonder they’re nicknamed HGV ( Heavy Groove Vehicle ) And groove indeed they do. Their heavy stoner rock reminds me of bands like Kyuss and Led zep. Highly recommended ! From Stoner & More. France.