Kamikaze Test Pilots







The origins of this band are rooted in Zimbabwe, where brothers Ryan and Wes Niemandt grew up, playing rather loud rock music to a largely disinterested and conservative agrarian populace. Then in 2001, the brothers relocated to the United Kingdom where they honed their songcraft, drawing their influences from a wide variety of sources with an aim to create something that is different but entertaining and with a hard edge. They played with many a talented musician and eventually formed Kamikaze Test Pilots in 2005, with Simon Buckett joining as bassist in 2009. Kamikaze Test Pilots is as the name suggests, a contradiction – a no rules non conforming suicidal mesh of influences and sounds that constantly reinvents itself with each new song. \drawing influence from bands like System of A Down – with the stop start rythms and lyrical content; Soundgarden, Clutch, the Melvins and Alice in Chains – the melodic vocals, chugging rythm guitars and searing solos, world music and a very many other things. However, most critics agree that the sound is something original and worth the 3 measley minutes of attention people are willing to spare an unsigned band these days. 3 minutes is all they need. Give it to them. Go see them live.