Elvis Jackson – “Entertaining and powerful crossover punk rock band”










David Kovšca – Buda (vocals)
Boštjan Beltram – Berto (guitar)
Erik Makuc – Slavc (bass guitar)
Marko Soršak – Soki (drums)

Discography: Move Your Feet It’s One O’clock (1999, RnR Rec), Go Home And Practice (2000, Rnr Rec), Summer Edition (2004, EJ Rec, licensed edition Elmo Rec and Rude Rec.), Against The Gravity (2009, EJ Rec, licensed edition Antstreet Rec 2010)

Record company: EJ Records


Elvis Jackson is a special rock music group which has been developing its own musical expression over decades under the influence of ska, punk, hard core, reggae and metal. They came together at the end of 1997 and the first band practice of the then members took place only two days before their first performance. Since then they have been known by their vibrant, unforgettable performances, transmitting a lot of positive energy.

After two years of intensive concerts, their first album Move Your feet It’s one O’clock (Rock’n’Roll Rec.) came out in 1999. It was followed by Go Home and Practice (Rock’n’Roll Rec.) in 2000 and by Summer Edition (EJ Rec/ Multimedia) in 2003. They released four albums and a remastered first album in a different packaging, they have performed over 800 times and they recorded 9 high-quality video spots.
Their album “Summer Edition” was released in practically every European country and even in Japan and the band successfully performed at major festivals and clubs throughout Europe and neighbouring countries. Their successful fourth album “Against The Gravity” was made in cooperation with the producer Bill Gould (ex-Faith No More) in RSL Studio near Novo mesto, mixing (Rich Veltrop, Studio Radio Star Studios, Weed near San Francisco), whereas mastering was done by the famous John Cuniberti from the States. In Germany, the album was released by Anstreet Rec and was being sold throughout Europe.

In addition to the Eastern and Western European tours, the group went on two Great Britain tours in 2012. It is worth mentioning that the band performed together with numerous famous groups from abroad and that they appeared at major festivals, such as EXIT, SZIGET, ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH, DEVILSIDE, SERENGETI, BURGAS, ROCK FOR PEOPLE, T-MOBILE IN MUSIC, etc. Even before the new release, they adapted the R.E.M.’s classic Losing My Religion which was released on a compilation in memory of the American group within the project of the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia. Losing My Religion is the most successful adaptation from the compilation, it hit a number of radio charts and is played all over Europe. A new, fifth album is being prepared which will hit the shelves in spring 2013 around the time of the band’s 15th anniversary.
By many critics Elvis Jackson were described as a group that will take you over immediately with their directness, energy, technical perfection and charisma. In Slovenia and in wider environment they exceed the traditional and average frames, they have performed at the largest events and have received many awards in Slovenia.

Judging by the reactions of the audience at the concerts, Elvis Jackson are probably the liveliest and the most energetic band in Slovenia and have often been described by journalists as the best concert rock band in the country. Hits: You and I, Get Up, Market Sweets, Hawaiian club, Weakies, Not Here To Pray, This Time, Wake Me Up, Street 45, …all of them also video spots.