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Sarah Jezebel Diva

Plan B Booking are proud to announce that they will be booking shows in the UK for Sarah Jezebel Diva. The band will release a new Album “The Corruption Of Mercy,” coming June 20th 2011! To some, Sarah doesn’t need much of an introduction. After spending 14 years in Cradle Of Filth as a backing singer, singing on all of their albums apart from the first and the latest one, she also spent 6 years in Therion and Mortiis. Sarah has sung on over 35 albums with bands including The Kovenant (In which “Nexus Polaris” won a grammy award for), The Gathering, Mystic Circle, Trigger The Bloodshed, Mensrea (GWAR side project), Graveworm, Tulus (Name later changed to Khold), Creations Tears (Features ex Paradise Lost drummer Lee Morris) and many others. She has been part of many dvds and books and finally, in 2005, joined forces with Chris Rehn (Ex Evergrey/Abyssos) and created Angtoria in which she took center vocals. Angtoria signed to Listenable Records and released “God Has A Plan For Us All” and received an amazing response in Europe. Sadly, Sarah still favored Cradle Of Filth and Angtoria took a back seat. In 2008, Sarah decided it was time to walk away from Cradle of Filth and follow her heart and released “A Sign of Sublime” on a UK based record label and then later signed to Candlelight USA. “A Sign Of Sublime” contained guests such as Dave Pybus (COF/Angtoria/Anathema) on Bass, Chris Rehn (Angtoria) Keys/Programming, Martin Powell (Ex COF/My Dying Bride/Anathema) Keys and Max Blunos (Trigger The Bloodshed) on drums. The album did ok but lacked promotion but she finally completed her first ever tour as a front woman in the UK July 2010 and also played The Female Voices Of Metal in Belgium.

Although under her solo name, SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA is a touring band and a tight, hardworking one at that. She enlisted some amazing musicians that have an impressive back ground and with the new album being recorded at Legacy London Studios, England (Formally Escape Route Studios) and having Pzy-Clone from The Kovenant adding the final touches, Sarah feels “The Corruption Of Mercy” should have been the first album.

Kamikaze Test Pilots @ Rumble DownSouthFestival

Kamikaze Test Pilots will be playing the Rumble Down South Festival on Sunday 3 July. RumbleDownSouth invites you to a weekend celebration of music and local arts in the idyllic countryside of Buckinghamshire.

There will be four stages to suit all ages and musical appetites, from Techno to Rock, via Dubstep to Folk