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OPM – “Still Opening People’s Minds”

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From: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Alternative/Hip Hop/Reggae
Record label: MNO Records

John E Necro (vocals)
Geoff Turney aka Casper (guitars)
Jonathan Williams (keyboards)
Shane Mayo (drums)
Matt Rowe (bass)

In 2012, the band conjoined once again, to begin working on producing and writing music.In late summer 2012, the band released an anniversary EP, Heaven can Wait featuring re-recordings of classic songs, in celebration of their 13 years of existence, as well as the release of Runaway, a short film directed by John E. Necro. In September the embarked on a 13 Year Anniversary UK Tour, dubbed The Lucky 13.

Over the last 13 years, OPM has shared the stage with Rancid, Everlast, Wheatus, Limp Bizkit, Bloodhound Gang, Linkin Park, 311 and has performed on the main stage of major festivals such as Reading, Leeds, BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, Rock AM Park, Open Air, and many more.

2013 will see new music from OPM and MNO records label mates, as well as an
upcoming European tour, a few surprises, and as always, they will continue to live
up to their name, opening people’s minds.

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Elvis Jackson – “Entertaining and powerful crossover punk rock band”










David Kovšca – Buda (vocals)
Boštjan Beltram – Berto (guitar)
Erik Makuc – Slavc (bass guitar)
Marko Soršak – Soki (drums)

Discography: Move Your Feet It’s One O’clock (1999, RnR Rec), Go Home And Practice (2000, Rnr Rec), Summer Edition (2004, EJ Rec, licensed edition Elmo Rec and Rude Rec.), Against The Gravity (2009, EJ Rec, licensed edition Antstreet Rec 2010)

Record company: EJ Records

Elvis Jackson is a special rock music group which has been developing its own musical expression over decades under the influence of ska, punk, hard core, reggae and metal. They came together at the end of 1997 and the first band practice of the then members took place only two days before their first performance. Since then they have been known by their vibrant, unforgettable performances, transmitting a lot of positive energy.

After two years of intensive concerts, their first album Move Your feet It’s one O’clock (Rock’n’Roll Rec.) came out in 1999. It was followed by Go Home and Practice (Rock’n’Roll Rec.) in 2000 and by Summer Edition (EJ Rec/ Multimedia) in 2003. They released four albums and a remastered first album in a different packaging, they have performed over 800 times and they recorded 9 high-quality video spots.
Their album “Summer Edition” was released in practically every European country and even in Japan and the band successfully performed at major festivals and clubs throughout Europe and neighbouring countries. Their successful fourth album “Against The Gravity” was made in cooperation with the producer Bill Gould (ex-Faith No More) in RSL Studio near Novo mesto, mixing (Rich Veltrop, Studio Radio Star Studios, Weed near San Francisco), whereas mastering was done by the famous John Cuniberti from the States. In Germany, the album was released by Anstreet Rec and was being sold throughout Europe.

In addition to the Eastern and Western European tours, the group went on two Great Britain tours in 2012. It is worth mentioning that the band performed together with numerous famous groups from abroad and that they appeared at major festivals, such as EXIT, SZIGET, ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH, DEVILSIDE, SERENGETI, BURGAS, ROCK FOR PEOPLE, T-MOBILE IN MUSIC, etc. Even before the new release, they adapted the R.E.M.’s classic Losing My Religion which was released on a compilation in memory of the American group within the project of the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia. Losing My Religion is the most successful adaptation from the compilation, it hit a number of radio charts and is played all over Europe. A new, fifth album is being prepared which will hit the shelves in spring 2013 around the time of the band’s 15th anniversary.
By many critics Elvis Jackson were described as a group that will take you over immediately with their directness, energy, technical perfection and charisma. In Slovenia and in wider environment they exceed the traditional and average frames, they have performed at the largest events and have received many awards in Slovenia.

Judging by the reactions of the audience at the concerts, Elvis Jackson are probably the liveliest and the most energetic band in Slovenia and have often been described by journalists as the best concert rock band in the country. Hits: You and I, Get Up, Market Sweets, Hawaiian club, Weakies, Not Here To Pray, This Time, Wake Me Up, Street 45, …all of them also video spots.




Vocals – Leigh Oates (Order Of Voices, Rise To Addiction)
Guitars – Andy Trott
Guitars – Steve Wray (Rise To Addiction, BLAZE)
Bass – Simon Priestland
Drums – Jeff Singer (Paradise Lost, Kill II This, China Beach, BLAZE)

Soldierfield formed in late 2011 with the aim of putting a bomb under the contemporary metal scene. Their debut EP ‘Bury The Ones We Love’ features 5 tracks showcasing the band’s blueprint of melody, harmony and hooks over an apocalyptic soundtrack of energy-fuelled guitars and warzone drums.

Drawing on influences from across the rock and metal spectrum, Soldierfield released an early demo track at the turn of 2012 before recording the EP with producer Steve Wray (BLAZE, Rise To Addiction) at The Cell in Bradford during May/June 2012. Based on that one track, industry insiders are already whispering about Soldierfield as being ‘one to watch’.

Led from the front by a highly charged vocal performance from Leigh Oates (Order Of Voices, Rise To Addiction), armed to the teeth with riff upon riff from Andy Trott and Steve Wray and featuring Jeff Singer (Paradise Lost, Kill II This, China Beach, BLAZE) on drums, Soldierfield are set to take the metal scene by force with plans already in place for a full-length release in early 2013.

With the release of ‘Bury The Ones We Love’ on 29 October 2012 via Metalbox Recordings, the Soldierfield campaign will begin in earnest.

Join the Army!

Order of Voices




ORDER OF VOICES formed in 2009, with the sole aim to create some of the most ambitious music produced by a British alternative rock band in the last 10 years.

Their self titled debut album is an ambitious body of work that trades in soulful melody, mountain moving dynamics and an overall feeling of a band stretching the conventional song format into something more; something beautiful.

ORDER OF VOICES is a collective of talented, experienced musicians who between them have toured Europe and the UK extensively as well as released albums worldwide via other projects. A lyric from the song ‘Don’t falter’ perfectly sums up the belief within the band and the determination to succeed:

“See the change and feel it coming, don’t falter now, Brace yourself and see it coming, don’t falter now…”

ORDER OF VOICES is a legitimate contender for your affections, your new favourite band!

Kamikaze Test Pilots



The origins of this band are rooted in Zimbabwe, where brothers Ryan and Wes Niemandt grew up, playing rather loud rock music to a largely disinterested and conservative agrarian populace. Then in 2001, the brothers relocated to the United Kingdom where they honed their songcraft, drawing their influences from a wide variety of sources with an aim to create something that is different but entertaining and with a hard edge. They played with many a talented musician and eventually formed Kamikaze Test Pilots in 2005, with Simon Buckett joining as bassist in 2009. Kamikaze Test Pilots is as the name suggests, a contradiction – a no rules non conforming suicidal mesh of influences and sounds that constantly reinvents itself with each new song. \drawing influence from bands like System of A Down – with the stop start rythms and lyrical content; Soundgarden, Clutch, the Melvins and Alice in Chains – the melodic vocals, chugging rythm guitars and searing solos, world music and a very many other things. However, most critics agree that the sound is something original and worth the 3 measley minutes of attention people are willing to spare an unsigned band these days. 3 minutes is all they need. Give it to them. Go see them live.

Goat Leaf

goatleaf_logo goatleaf

Goat Leaf love to play. Set up the stage, rev the mighty atomic engine of their Heavy Groove Machine and let loose like four sonic dogs of rock ‘n’ roll. Their album Colorscene has gained much critical acclaim too, some tasty quotes appear at the bottom of the page for your eyes, dear discernible reader.

But just who or what are Goat Leaf? They are master builders of volume; their songs are carved from stone and born in the dark heart of South Yorkshire, yet speak the universal language of Space, speed, love and murder. Gigs have come thick and fast in the last year including opening for Corrosion of Conformity, travelling all over our green and pleasant land to give the public a hit of the sweet stuff, to share in a moment of their groove laden ecstasy.

Get a taste of the Goat Leaf. It’s pretty intoxicating stuff.

” Huge stoner riffs , glass shattering bottom end and an ability to write catchy tunes. This all sounds too good to be true for our resident desert rock specialist to believe , especially when talking about a band coming from the UK. But damn it if Goat Leaf aren’t about to deliver this and more as we discover on the debut album ‘ Colorscene’. From Uber Rock. UK.

If you like you’re rock n roll we are delighted to refresh your blood with a new blend of strongly 70’s influenced psychedelic stoner rock. Enriched by dashes of blues,funky rhythms and ass kicking hard rock. The British way. Goat Leaf have already established a very original sound that can hardly be compared to anything else. From Nocturnal Hall. Germany.

From the gorgeous, space-age artwork, to a moniker that could have easily been the result of a bong-smoking brainstorm; Goat Leaf couldn’t play anything other than retro-flavoured rock.
The band’s gnarly, riff-heavy sound is built on the foundations of Sabbath. Goat Leaf drifts into the territory of chest-beating, man-sized rock; by way of: Mountain, Zeppelin and occasional smatterings of Fu Manchu.  As their hometown suggests – as well as the ‘Made in England’ stamp on the album’s back cover – Colourscene combines rock’s generational shift, with typical British grit; a combination that works well during the fretboard workout of ‘Monkey Chains & Rat Kings’ as guitarist John Hodgson, demonstrates his ability to write catchy, energising grooves, while Johnny Maycock’s delivery swaggers with sleaze-rock defiance. Due to its lively and infectious persona, you would be forgiven for thinking that Colourscene is the work of greasy-haired twenty-somethings, who spent their college years smoking pot and rearranging their media libraries; as Masters of Reality and Back In Black seeps through their overly loud headphones. The reality is, however, that Goat Leaf first formed in 1996, but split after “730 days”. Now in their prime, Colourscene is a hearty interpretation of timeless hard rock. From Chybucca Sounds.


At first listen one is struck by force and presence of the rhythm section that gives the intensity of the nine songs. No wonder they’re nicknamed HGV ( Heavy Groove Vehicle ) And groove indeed they do. Their heavy stoner rock reminds me of bands like Kyuss and Led zep. Highly recommended ! From Stoner & More. France.

The Terraces



The main thing you begin to realize about The Terraces is.”What you see is what you get”. Authentically, they are what they are. The first time I heard a couple of songs in Gary’s backyard -two voices, one guitar and a table laden with Lager. Straight away I got the picture, they mean what they say and play.

“Pre-Production/Rehearsal:  I walk in, and it’s just like a show, they sound the business and look it. There is a raw energy that is bigger than the individuals. They sound devastating, Loud and tight.Dean grinding out the “Rock”, and Gary “The Geezer”.the Commander sprucing to the world. Even in this environment you can tell that this band is the real deal.

The Songs come directly from Living, the Album is a life’s work from all involved, It is seriously authentic.they mean it and wear their hearts on their sleeves We did a few sessions of pre-production which involved trimming the arrangements and making sure that the tracks sounded just right without any overdubs. This record needed to be what it is. Loud and Proud, straight up, honest. no trickery.

Once again what you see is what you get Seems too easy eh? Well once the recording started, I realized that the authenticity wasn’t something that was separate from reality.

They argue, they fight, they drink. All this goes into the honesty of the music, you don’t get one without the other – warts and all. These songs are about life and life isn’t perfect. That is what makes it so good in a world full of false ideals and mixed messages.It is time for the truth again.

The band did a great job. I am still amazed how it happened like that We got Gary straight up, no headphones in front of the monitors, can be confronting for some, but the Lad soaked it up. He is a magnificent front man, and I think that we captured his personality perfectly.

Interesting guy. Lovely and up one minute, down the next.agreeable, disagreeable.frustrating, but real and brutally honest. He has an uncanny knack to get you to Love and Hate him at the same time. We mixed the songs in 4 days.maybe because we didn’t labour over the record it sounds fresh, and authentic. It hasn’t been Gridded.(no click tracks).it hasn’t been tuned.(no auto-tune).

It is a perfect snapshot of a band in the middle of being themselves.”

(Kalju Tonuma, The Producer)